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Top 8 Best Customer Service Software In 2022

Best customer service software will be discussed in this article. Your support personnel are in the best possible position with the help of good customer service software. With fewer busywork, they’ll maintain their organisation better. That gives you more time to address issues and provide a top-notch experience.

When your staff pick up the phone or answer to a live chat, they already have everything they require. Less waiting time means never having to repeat information to your consumers. Exploring it is something I wholeheartedly advise doing.

  • Gorgias — Best e-commerce platform integrations
  • Freshdesk – The most affordable customer service software
  • The best customer service software for live chat help is LiveAgent.
  • The best free customer service software is HubSpot.
  • Zoho Desk – The best ticketing software for customer service
  • The best customer service software is Zendesk, which offers a support suite.
  • The best customer service software for startups and small teams is Groove.
  • The best customer service software for NGOs is Help Scout.

In-depth analyses of each customer service software I’m proposing are provided in the next section. The best features, advantages, use cases, pricing, and other information will be covered.

The majority of these suppliers offer free software trials, and several of my suggestions truly provide free customer service software permanently.

Follow the links to acquire your free trial, freemium service, or demo since unless you use the software, you can’t really know how well it will work.

Top 8 Best Customer Service Software in 2022

Top 8 Best Customer Service Software are explained here

1. Gorgias – The Best Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms



Tools for boosting e-commerce

The intersection of customer service and sales in e-commerce offers chances to win over brand-new, devoted clients. To help you take full use of these opportunities, Gorgias provides a variety of tools.

Gorgias accomplishes this, among other things, by offering straightforward connectivity with the three most well-liked e-commerce platforms now available: Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

To give you a complete sight of your relationship with clients in all three situations, Gorgias extracts customer information, interactions, and order histories from the platform.

Without logging into Shopify individually, for instance, agents working in Gorgias will be able to amend customer orders, addresses, and issue refunds.

This lowers the possibility that you’re contacting customers twice, enables you to significantly customise content, aids in automating typical customer service duties (such answering common inquiries or requests), and frees up fresh customer insights through potent machine learning.

In addition, Gorgias provides an incredibly clear interface for your customer service representatives to arrange, handle, and follow up on tickets. Communication through platforms like SMS, social media, live chat, and email is centralised.

Your team can communicate with customers as they interact with advertisements, social media posts, and other content before they even visit your website thanks to Gorgias’ omnichannel functionality. Therefore, even before clients add anything to their cart, your customer service team is establishing a rapport with them.

Although Gorgias’ pricing is a little higher than that of the other solutions on this list, each tier supports an unlimited number of members and offers a wide range of features.

Basic: $60 monthly

  • 300 monthly tickets are included (an extra 100 tickets cost $40).
  • Users indefinitely
  • Chat campaigns that are live
  • Up to 150 integrations, including those with social networking sites including Shopify and BigCommerce.

$360 monthly for pros

every element from Basic plus:

  • Comes with 2,000 tickets every month ($36 extra for an extra 100);
  • Onboarding support
  • Client surveys
  • Revenue figures
  • Integration with Magento

All the features of Pro plus:

  • Comes with 5,000 monthly tickets ($36 extra for every extra 100);

Completely controlled onboarding

  • Tools for managing teams
  • Integration with Twitter
  • An enthusiastic Customer Success Manager

If you pay yearly, these rates will be lower. The Basic plan costs $50 per month, the Pro plan costs $300 per month, and the Advanced package costs $750 per month with the yearly plan. Also check kechie alternatives

This is another customer service software. Additionally, a custom enterprise tier can be set up after consulting with Gorgias. Give Gorgias a try during its seven-day free trial or by scheduling a live demo if your e-commerce company is aware that it is missing out on sales potential.

2. Freshdesk – The Best for Keeping Costs Low



One more of the most well-liked help desk programmes available right now is Freshdesk. Why? Because it is really affordable and offers everything you could possibly need for modern customer service teams.

The entire platform is available for 21 days of free use with as many agents as you wish. No credit card is needed. If you enjoy it, agent pricing starts at $15 per month, or you may continue using a restricted version of Freshdesk for free indefinitely.

Yes, a customer service plan with an infinite number of agents that is free forever. Although you receive the opportunity to track incoming tickets from email and social media, there are some features worth upgrading for.

Freshdesk has all you require at no cost for a small business that requires a better approach to reply to incoming enquiries.

When you’re ready to upgrade, Freshdesk has a number of plans available at reasonable pricing. Design procedures that make sense for your line of business and decide on the channels you want to use for communication and the kind of assistance you want to offer.

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If you choose Freshdesk, you won’t have to try to squeeze your customer service experience inside a fixed design.

They provide several very helpful features, including:

  • Ticketing
  • Collaboration
  • Field service
  • Automation
  • Self-service for customers
  • Reporting
  • Multi-channel assistance

If you want to consolidate your customer service offerings on a single platform, this is fantastic. Freshdesk facilitates team collaboration and automation as a result.

Freshdesk makes it simple for you to switch to its software if you’re unsatisfied with the help desk solution you’re currently using. Your transition will be made simple by their team.

And thanks to Freshworks Academy, their in-house training service, you can quickly train any team member to master the Freshworks system.

Here is a summary of the plans and costs. Every tariff is computed using an annual plan. If you pay month to month, the costs are slightly greater.


Countless agents

  • Emailing tickets
  • Working in teams
  • Information base
  • Reports on ticket trends

Increase — $15 per month for each agent

  • Automations
  • Detection of collisions
  • Application stores
  • Helpdesk
  • Managing SLA
  • Opening hours

Pro: Each agent pays $49 per month.

  • Electronic ticket assignment
  • Individual agent roles
  • Unique portal
  • Business reporting
  • A variety of time zones and SLAs

Enterprise: $79 monthly for each agent

  • Skill-based assignment of tickets
  • Establish a testing environment that doesn’t impact agents or clients
  • Whitelisting IP
  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • Extended API rate cap

The starting price for omnichannel (which covers phone and messaging channels) is $29 per month for each agent. Although sticking to fewer channels will always be less expensive, this is an incredibly low cost for omnichannel service.

Freshdesk connects to hundreds of the most well-known business software providers, so it will probably fit seamlessly into your setup without requiring a lot of expensive setup.

3. LiveAgent – The Best for Live Chat Support





You can handle all customer enquiries from various channels using LiveAgent on a single platform.

No matter where your clients are, combine all communication and assistance into one location.

With LiveAgent, you can streamline the procedure, save time, and boost the productivity of your support staff.

LiveAgent provides tools for

  • Emailing tickets

Live chat

  • Calls over voice and video
  • Using social media

It was designed with today’s customer service staff in mind. Your staff simply needs to learn how to use one interface in order to serve consumers on whichever channel you require.

The complete customer engagement, whether it started in chat, moved to email, then to phone, is immediately in front of your agents when using LiveAgent. This is another customer service software.

Both the customer and the agent don’t have to repeat information that has already been given to them. Simply said, everyone has a better experience.

Here’s a closer look at the LiveAgent customer service software’s plans and costs:

Free — a permanent 0

  • 7-day history of tickets
  • One email for ticketing
  • One button for live chat
  • Call centre support is available at one number.

Ticket: $15 monthly for each agent

  • A limitless history of tickets
  • Unrestricted email tickets
  • Add information from your CRM.
  • Multibrand assistance

Ticket + Chat: $29 monthly for each agent

  • Continous live chat
  • Live visitor tracking
  • Invitations to chat
  • Surveys on chat satisfaction

Complete: $49 per month for each agent

  • Constant call centre assistance
  • Video telephony
  • Gamification
  • Unlimited call archiving

LiveAgent offers add-on pricing for features like social network integration, time tracking, audit logs, and more for all of its subscription plans.

Overall, it’s a straightforward and adaptable platform for handling real-time clients through ticketing and live chat. Free trial offered.

4. HubSpot – The Best Free Customer Service Software



Free software is available for customer service.

Some of the best online resources for communicating with clients and fostering connections are provided by HubSpot. Although they are more renowned for their marketing and sales efforts, they also have top-notch customer service software. Also check OBS alternatives

The fact that HubSpot’s customer service software is free to use is the finest feature for small firms. Additionally, they provide the greatest free CRM on the market as well as freemium software for sales and marketing.

The following are available for free in HubSpot’s customer service software:

  • Ticketing

Live chat

  • Chatbots
  • Group emails
  • Inbox for conversations

Templates for emails

  • Reports on closed tickets
  • Reports on time to close.

HubSpot is evidence that using software to enhance your customer service doesn’t have to cost a fortune. After all, you won’t pay anything for this.

The HubSpot Service Hub premium plan, which you may upgrade to, gives you a lot more resources for setting up and automating workflows. To make exactly what you need, you most definitely don’t need to be a developer.

Here is a summary of the paid plans for those of you who desire access to more sophisticated features and advantages:

Initial — $45 a month

  • Contains two paying customers
  • Canned excerpts
  • Planning meetings

Reports on agent productivity

  • Calling

$450 monthly for professionals

  • Contains five paying customers
  • Pipelines, routing, automation, and ticket status
  • Information base
  • Producing 1:1 videos
  • Individual reporting
  • NPS, experience, and support surveys

Business — $1,200 monthly

  • Contains 10 paying customers
  • Playbooks and objectives
  • Organizational teams

Roles for users

  • SSO
  • Integration of Slack
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The rates shown above are all based on annual contracts. The Service Hub’s monthly fees for the Starter plan and Professional start at $50 and $500, respectively. This is another customer service software.

Additionally, HubSpot provides a comprehensive array of product packages under a single plan for marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations. The starting price with a yearlong commitment is $45 per month, depending on the size of your contact list.

5. Zoho Desk – The Best for Ticketing

Zoho Desk

Free Evergreen Plan

  • E-mail ticketing and assistance centre

One of the multiple well-known brands in CRM and business software is Zoho. They provide tools for finance, accounting, human resources, email, marketing, sales, collaboration, and business intelligence.

However, Zoho Desk, an IT and help desk software, is one of the best solutions they provide. Any channel you use—including phone, chat, social media, email, and more—can be integrated into a ticketing system.

Additionally, routing tickets between departments will be a breeze. You’ll be able to set up effective workflows regardless of whether your business has different tiers of customer support or multiple brands operating under one roof.

All of this helps your clients save time and have a better overall experience. They connect with the appropriate person and get the help they need. The entire exchange will be visible to your service agents if they email or call back.

Customers, managers, and customer service representatives can all use Zoho Desk’s solutions. In terms of managing and resolving tickets, it is arguably the best customer service software.

Let’s examine the plans and cost ranges for Zoho Desk in more detail:

Free — $0

  • Three agents maximum
  • Emailing tickets
  • Help desk
  • Private knowledge base
  • Predefined SLAs
  • Mobile app
  • Help desk that is multilingual

Standard: $14 monthly for each agent

  • Community and social media platforms
  • Product-based ticket administration
  • Open knowledge repository
  • Escalations
  • Rules for assignment and work flow
  • Control rules
  • Customer satisfaction scores

$23 per month for each professional agent

  • Department-specific ticketing
  • Team leadership
  • Telephony
  • Automatic timekeeping
  • Ticket layouts
  • Ticket exchange

Smartphone SDK

$40 per month per agent for businesses

Live chat

  • AI
  • Personalize the help page
  • Advanced process administration
  • Planned reports

Validation guidelines

  • Sharing of data depending on roles

Zoho Desk has a plan for you, no matter how big, small, or complicated your business is.

6. Zendesk – The Best Software with Support Suite Options


Free trials are offered.


One of the top customer service software programmes available today is Zendesk. More than 150,000 companies utilise it, including well-known names like Uber, Venmo, Shopify, and Slack. This is another customer service software.

You’ll receive all the equipment required to manage omnichannel customer service from them. You can offer customer service through a variety of channels, including voice, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

All of your data sources can be connected to one place thanks to the software. Consequently, the appropriate information will be displayed automatically when a customer contacts you for support.

Because Zendesk is flexible, it can meet the demands of every business. You can obtain a tailored solution that works with your current support infrastructure.

Here is a brief summary of the Zendesk support suite’s plans, features, and costs:

Professional Support Suite: $89 per month for each agent

  • Omnichannel assistance
  • Add-on for social messaging
  • Knowledge base for self-service
  • All-channel reporting and dashboards

Edition Talk Partner

  • Various ticket types

$149 per agency, per month for the Enterprise Support Suite

  • Permissions and roles with expert base routing
  • Multibrand assistance
  • A web SDK and chat widget
  • Content indicators that reveal knowledge gaps
  • Constant live chat and phone assistance

The Zendesk full-service support package offers everything. However, not every company requires something this extensive. For smaller firms, Zendesk offers more economical choices if you’re looking for something a little more straightforward.

  • Required — $5 per month for each agent
  • Team: $19 each month for each agent
  • Professional — $49 monthly for each agent
  • Enterprise: $99 monthly for each agent
  • Elite — $199 monthly for each agent

Any support suite or piece of software from Zendesk is available for free trial. Contact the Zendesk sales team if you need a custom solution.

7. Groove The Best for Small Teams and Startups

Groove The Best for Small Teams and Startups


Not as well-known and popular as some of the other choices on our list is Groove.

Groove will be a top option for you to consider if your business has outgrown email for customer service and you’re getting enquiries on many channels. This is another customer service software. Also check  appsflyer alternatives

They particularly excel when it comes to team collaboration tools. Internal private notes can be added to conversations, coworkers can be swiftly mentioned to keep them informed, and members of the team can be given specific assignments.

The “shared inbox” for teams is a significant improvement above standard email. When the button to reply to an email is located next to the button to assign someone to a ticket, how many clicks per day can you save?

Outstanding automations from Groove might speed up your customer service. To reduce busywork, create rules, tags, prepared responses, and custom folders that reflect your preferences.

Customizing your knowledge base is yet another noteworthy Groove feature. For companies who wish to provide customer self-service capabilities, this is essential.

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The knowledge base themes are gorgeously made, completely customisable, and mobile-friendly. The following are the plans and costs for the Groove customer support software:

$9 a month for the first user.

  • One letterbox
  • Information base

Live chat

  • Web tool
  • Tasks and references

Plus, each user must pay $19 each month.

  • 5 letterboxes
  • Full report history
  • Rules
  • Using an API
  • More than 40 fusions

Pro: $29 monthly for each user

  • 25 letterboxes
  • Teams
  • SMS and WhatsApp
  • Connections to Jira, HubSpot, and Salesforce

Company — Individual price

  • Countless mailboxes
  • Priority assistance
  • An attentive customer service manager
  • Business-level security

For startups and small teams, I would suggest Groove. They even provide a discounted startup pricing for companies with fewer than ten employees. Businesses that meet the requirements can save 93% off the Pro plan.

8. Help Scout – The Best for Nonprofits

Help Scout 


The Certified B Corporation



High-end customer service software is provided by Help Scout.

Being a Certified B corporation makes it special. They aim to have a beneficial effect on society, the environment, and local communities. They therefore go above and beyond to aid groups that uphold the same principles. This is another customer service software.

Help Scout can give your nonprofit a sizable discount on customer service software if it helps underrepresented groups in tech, environmental sustainability, or human rights. Some of you might potentially be qualified for price reductions of up to 100%. Free, that’s right.

Help Scout is still a top customer service option even if you don’t fit into one of those categories.

Create shared inboxes for your team to facilitate communication. Give your consumers the option to email you if your staff is unable to reply to incoming chat requests in a timely manner.

The user interface is quite friendly. You won’t require to spend a lot of time teaching folks how to utilise this product.

Here is a better thorough look at the plans and costs:

Standard: $20 monthly for each user

  • Three letterboxes
  • Live chat beacon
  • Up to 10,000 customers’ worth of messages
  • Reports
  • Automated processes
  • Over 50 integrations

In addition, $35 per month per user.

  • 10 letterboxes
  • Individual teams and fields
  • Jira, HubSpot, and Salesforce applications
  • HIPAA conformity
  • Authentication using SSO/SAML

Company — Individual price

  • Countless mailboxes and document sites
  • Adaptable users
  • Concierge sign-up
  • An attentive account manager
  • Business-grade security

These prices are predicated on an annual agreement. Plans for the following month are available at an extra cost. A 15-day trial of Help Scout is available without charge.

How to Choose the Best Customer Service Software For Your Business

When comparing various possibilities, there are a few characteristics and things to bear in mind.

Here at Quick Sprout, we adhere to and endorse this strategy.

Number of Agents

Businesses with five customer service representatives won’t require the same software as those with 50 employees. The size of your customer service team will therefore influence your final decision.

Smaller businesses won’t require the functionality that larger teams need for things like role-based ticketing and collaboration.

Communication channel

What is the best method (or methods) for clients to contact your business? There are many channels that good customer service software will support, such as:

  • Phone
  • Email

Live chat

  • Chatbots
  • Assistance tickets
  • The Internet;

More channels give clients more alternatives, but they also increase the amount of work your business must do behind the scenes. Finding customer assistance software that integrates all of these channels is crucial for this reason.

An employee can view a single history of customer interactions across all channels using a solution like Live Agent. Your customer service representative has access to the whole history of a Facebook message, email request for assistance, and subsequent phone contact.

Imagine how disorganised it would be if employees didn’t have access to a single dashboard to administer a multi-channel service.

Feature Packages

The key features of every customer service software on our list are superbly promoted. Having saying that, you should only concentrate on the things you absolutely require.

Do you want customer service software designed for live chat, for instance? For you, LiveAgent will be a wise decision. Use Salesforce Service Cloud if you need a solution for your field service agents. Even single product bundles come with features for customer service, sales, and marketing CRM.

I’d like to suggest this. Decide which features are essential. Find the best plan that offers each of those characteristics, then.


Numerous variables affect the cost of customer service software. Numerous services base their fees on the quantity of customer service representatives you have on staff.

The features that are included in your plan will also significantly affect the price you pay.

You should not cut corners when providing customer service. Spending money is acceptable. Having said that, not everyone needs to go overboard. Without sacrificing quality, small businesses, startups, and organisations with smaller teams can use free customer service software.

The Top Customer Service Software in Summary

Customers that are satisfied return and spend more money. Customers that are dissatisfied can seriously harm your reputation. You should therefore rely on the top customer service applications, such as Gorgias, LiveAgent, HubSpot, and Freshdesk.

Customer service must be given top priority in any firm. You can use software to automate and streamline your system in order to provide perfect service and sustain pleased consumers.


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