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Top 4 Best Creative Marketing Campaigns In 2022

Best creative marketing campaigns will be described in this article. Our selection of the four most inventive marketing campaigns we’ve lately seen online, to inspire you.

We’ve seen several firms being more creative with their marketing campaigns as a result of changes in cookie usage, buying patterns, and privacy data. The marketing industry is always changing. And we adore seeing it!

Over a third of Americans said they feel “creeped out” by the idea of brands tracking their data, according to a recent panel discussion by The Drum. As a result, according to Lex Bradshaw-Zanger, CMO of L’Oréal UK & Ireland, marketing and advertising need to be more “helpful and non-invasive,” human, and useful. We wholeheartedly concur, and it’s obvious that many brands do as well. They seem to be taking advantage of this chance to think creatively.

What businesses have recently attracted our attention with their campaigns? Who is balancing inventive, attention-grabbing campaigns with those that are human-centered and non-intrusive?

The top creative marketing campaigns we’ve recently seen are highlighted here, along with our favourite things about them and some essential lessons you can learn from them.

Top 4 Best Creative Marketing Campaigns In 2022

Top 4 Best Creative Marketing Campaigns are explained here.

1. Specsavers “Should’ve gone to Specsavers”

Specsavers "Should've gone to Specsavers"

Recently, the optical retailer Specsavers has been dominating the market with an integrated marketing campaign emphasising the importance of high-quality eyewear.

Initially, their OOH advertisements

Their subdued paid social advertising come next:

We adore it due to:

First of all, you wouldn’t anticipate seeing an optical store brand on a list of “top creative marketing campaigns.” Though that is precisely why it is so fantastic. When it comes to OOH creatives and sponsored social strategy, Specsavers takes creative risks.

Their OOH advertisements grab the public’s attention, cause people to pause, and force them to determine whether they actually read that correctly. Despite the fact that the creatives are quite simple, the principles they are based on are really compelling. It demonstrates that designs don’t have to be outrageous and offensive for campaigns to be creative.

The Twitter promoted posts are brilliant! The utilisation of everyday Twitter users’ musings as promoted tweets is so subtly done that you might overlook it, as opposed to yelling from the rooftops. However, Specsavers has hit the nail on the head for the segment of Twitter users who are known for being detail-oriented and opposed to overt advertising (thus the lack of it on the platform).

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Key learnings:

Specsavers has turned the campaign’s attention to the problems that their target audience—a sizable section of the population—had with reading or seeing. They have highlighted problems that many members of the public didn’t know they needed help with but now do by showing the true before and after consequences of their products. Which is what marketing is all about!

Nowadays, consumers are considerably more conscious of how they are targeted by marketing and advertising. Consider how you may be subtle and clever with your marketing creatives to elicit an emotional response from your audience, such as a giggle or an ah-ha moment, by taking a page from Specsavers’ playbook. To increase credibility and confidence in your marketing, think about developing an integrated marketing plan that targets your audience both online and offline. This is another creative marketing campaigns. Also check Digital marketing trends

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2. Ikea’s “Fresh at Ikea” summertime  campaign

Ikea's "Fresh at Ikea" summertime  campaign

Ikea collaborated with Uzina to develop their “Fresh at Ikea” marketing campaign, which highlights their summer bedding assortment.

We adore it due to:

Did you take a second look? We also did. And that’s what causes this campaign so great. It’s a creative take on Ikea’s bedding offerings, but it also makes you hungry. Which is bad news for Ikea, which sells ice cream and duvets.

The “fresh” concept is obvious in the designs, which don’t require much copy; they’re promoting new summer, lighter bedding with ‘fresh’ associations linked to ice cream and vibrant summer colours. Additionally, most people who view it are nostalgic about the taste of a “fresh” summer ice cream, which immediately establishes relevance with their audience. This is another creative marketing campaigns. Also check offline media advertising

Key learnings:

Similar to Specsavers, Ikea has used unconventional thinking in this ad. By adding appeal to duvets, they have increased awareness of their goods.

You might not have identified the audience’s pain point or emotional connection if you have trouble getting your marketing campaigns to resonate with your target market. Nostalgia is a universal emotion; think about using it in your marketing campaigns like Ikea.

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3. Goldfish Crackers “Goldfish Focus Face Off Lens”

Goldfish Crackers "Goldfish Focus Face Off Lens"

Goldfish discovered that their target audience spent a lot of time playing video games online and using Snapchat before launching their new crackers that were intended for a teenage audience. In this incredibly creative campaign, they merged the two to produce the Focus Face Off Lens, a gamified Snapchat AR lens that tested users’ attention spans. The game monitored whether or not a player grew distracted using eye movement technologies. They may unlock a special discount if they could concentrate on their new cracker moving slowly on the screen for more than nine seconds. Players received a score card to share with their Snapchat friends and their score improved the more they played. This is another creative marketing campaigns

We adore it due to:

This is a great example of a business that truly got into this technology to create a creative campaign that reached a new audience. Many firms have attempted to figure out how to use AR technology into their marketing campaigns.

We appreciate the marketing campaign’s gamification from a company outside the gaming sector. Through the incentive of the discount, it increases brand recognition with their target audience while promoting continued use of the game. With this campaign, Goldfish demonstrated a profound understanding of their target market and successfully appealed to the competitive aspect of the online gaming community.

Key learnings:

For this campaign, Goldfish deployed entirely novel technology, which was successful. Consider how you may employ various, intriguing content formats to create an immersive experience for your potential customers, even though not every business needs to go to that extent for a campaign to be creative.

Knowing the significance of audience segmentation and creating campaigns around various audience segments is another important lesson from this campaign. Goldfish had to build a creative campaign using novel techniques because this was a new target market for them, and they succeeded in doing so.

By monitoring the data in Mediatool, you can determine the impact of your audience segments. Not pleased with the outcomes? No issue, use your data to modify your campaigns as you gain knowledge.

4. TikTok Star Francis Bourgeois X Gucci X, The North Face “Full Steam Ahead”

TikTok Star Francis Bourgeois X Gucci X, The North Face "Full Steam Ahead"

Francis Bourgeois gained popularity on TikTok over the past year because to his charming trainspotting videos. It’s reasonable to say that he has captured the attention of the entire world. Francis was therefore chosen as the face of their advertising campaign when North Face and Gucci unveiled their most recent collaboration collection. This is another creative marketing campaigns. Also check Affiliate Marketing Programs

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We adore it due to:

Francis Bourgeois is not your typical influencer, and this influencer marketing initiative is not your typical influencer campaign. Francis may seem like an odd choice for North Face and Gucci, but the campaign is all about discovery and adventure, which is exactly what Francis’ TikTok videos represent. With Francis’ appreciation of vintage clothing and old-fashioned locomotives, the collection likewise has a vintage aesthetic.

Francis has a tremendous fan base (2.4 million on TikTok and 1.5 million on Instagram), and most of his videos get between 1 million and 13 million views. To help them gain traction on TikTok and with Francis’ sizable viewership, Gucci X North Face used him as the face of their social media campaign, which in our opinion was a savvy move. When compared to what we believe would have happened if they had used someone else, the campaign and collection received substantially more attention.

Key Learnings:

Social media usage has changed significantly, with users favouring more genuine users and material. Nowadays, users prefer to follow authentic, unedited individuals like Francis Bourgeois versus influencers who present seemingly ideal lives. This is an illustration of how influencer collaborations don’t have to be one-dimensional and how influencer marketing can be extremely advantageous for businesses in all different industries. When executed properly, like in this campaign, businesses are able to change public image and reach audiences they might not have otherwise been able to reach.

To launch your most creative marketing campaign ever, use unconventional approaches. The most effective creative marketing campaigns establish a personal connection with the audience through the utilisation of emotion and relatability. It’s not necessary for campaigns to be incredibly complex in order to be creative. We hope that these examples and advice will help you establish sincere relationships with your audience, whether you’re in a creative rut or searching for ideas for your next campaign.


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