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Top 15 Best BrandWide Alternatives in 2022

Best and demanding brandwide alternatives will be described in this article. With the help of the online application BrandWide, you may integrate all of your company apps for no cost. Invoicing, payments, time tracking, expense reporting, contacts, automation, and other capabilities are available. It is basic and straightforward to use, and it is built on the idea of having a single app for all of your business apps. You may use it to track mentions on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about your social media following.

You can instantly determine which of your goods are the most popular ones and change your marketing strategies by viewing all of your online sales in one location. With just a few clicks, you can quickly post to social media and send out mass emails. It’s all about the data, which is available everywhere, and you need to be able to use it to make it useful if you want to get to know your consumers and workers.

Top 15 Best BrandWide Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best BrandWide Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Base CRM

Base CRM

Base CRM is an all-inclusive sales platform that enables you to fully utilise the potential of your sales data and take more informed decisions. With this solution, you can manage contacts, track your activities, link your online and mobile presences, and produce reports all from a secure platform. You can effectively manage and keep track of your sales funnel from prospecting to closing with the aid of a variety of tools it offers. It was designed to interact with a variety of different systems and programmes, including Mail Chimp, Salesforce, DocuSign, and many more.

You may select the service level you require using Base CRM’s versatile platform. You may either buy the programme outright or only subscribe to the features that you require. You may have access to basic functions like maintaining contacts, businesses, and opportunities from any device by installing this programme for free on your own website. It is made to be utilised as an all-encompassing solution. It’s the greatest CRM system overall. Also check kechie 

2. Cosential


Cosential is a comprehensive database and CRM system with a focus on the cosmetics industry. In the cosmetics sector, it provides unmatched business information, direct mailing, and e-commerce capabilities. The system was created as a reliable database and CRM for clients in the beauty sector and anybody managing a beauty business. It has an intuitive user interface, an extensive database, and all the functionality you want to manage your business effectively. This is another brandwide alternative.

The first B2B beauty CRM, Cosential, provides product management, a software for beauty salons, social network integration, eCommerce, and wholesale through a user-friendly interface. When paired with its CRM, its suite of products, which includes fully integrated email marketing, provides a comprehensive solution that makes it simpler for beauty industry professionals to manage their businesses. It offers an all-in-one solution with all the capabilities required for comprehensive e-commerce administration. It is, in essence, the ideal CRM solution.

3. Dubsado


The top small company CRM, Dubsado, is a strong system that integrates sales, business automation, and e-commerce into one effective tool. It was designed from the bottom up to be user-friendly on any gadget, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile phone. It facilitates the simple, effective, paperless management of company processes for small organisations. You’ve been waiting for an all-in-one company management solution, and here it is.

It manages your contacts, clients, orders, and inventory while also giving you access to a complete set of marketing tools, including social network management, customised email and SMS messaging, a contact manager, payment processing, and more. It will keep way of everything for you so you can concentrate on managing your business, which is what you do best. It has an intuitive design and provides everything you require to run your company and update your website from a single spot. It’s the greatest CRM system overall.

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4. Vincere


The whole hiring process is automated by the robust cloud-based Vincere Recruitment Operating System. It provides you with a single platform to easily, elegantly, and effectively manage all of your recruiting operations and workflows. It enables you to oversee all aspect of your hiring processes, including pre-sales and demand creation, candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, post-hire performance monitoring, and development. It is perfect for businesses trying to improve the effectiveness, transparency, and sustainability of their hiring practises.

The application procedure is considerably more effective since candidates may now voluntarily provide the information that employers are seeking. Companies may now design a profile for their business that explains what makes it distinctive and appealing to potential employees. It puts recruiting into a calendar, streamlines activity management for recruiters, increases transparency, and minimises duplication with other recruitment teams. It is, in essence, the ideal CRM solution.

5. Method:CRM


CRM Approach: Small-business CRM software is called CRM. It offers a simple layout and a tonne of features that will simplify your daily tasks. It offers the resources you need to expand your small business, from project management and reporting to email marketing, payment integration, and event planning. It is a CRM programme that is incredibly effective. It aids individuals in developing a working approach. It helps to manage customer information and create ideal customer relationships.

This is another brandwide alternative. It offers a full range of functions to cooperate with businesses or people. It enables you to establish statuses, actions, events, and other things that may be connected via different relationships to generate an information structure like a social network. With just a rare clicks, you can fast post to social media and send out mass emails. You may join up for a no-risk, 30-day trial to test out the service and see how many users you can invite to work together with you on the same projects. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal customer relationship management programme.

6. Evoliz


A group of business owners, designers, and developers created Evoliz, a brand-new all-in-one business management solution. It consolidates your company under one roof. Manage your staff, take care of your marketing, collect leads, automate your company, and get understanding of your financials. It supports the growth of your company on any device, anyplace. It facilitates simple, pleasurable commercial operations. It constantly innovates to make it easier for you to market yourself and grow your business.

You can operate your company from anywhere with our free mobile app for Android and iOS. billing, timekeeping, billing, and client administration. With its lead tracker feature, you can manage and record leads while you’re on the move. Create a profile for leads, track their online activity, and interact with them in real time. To help you get to understand your customers better, it collects all of their information, including social profiles, age range, and past purchasing patterns.

7. Cogmento CRM

Cogmento CRM

A sales automation application called Cogmento CRM aids businesses in connecting with and managing their clientele. In a digital environment, it helps establish a personal touch. For small company owners, their staff, salesmen, gurus, consultants, and contractors, it is a user-friendly contact management solution. Your contacts and sales leads are managed by it. You can really keep track of the leads that are most important to you and your business with the help of a variety of integrated capabilities to arrange your business relationships. This is another brandwide alternative. Also check 123apps 

You can quickly manage all of your leads, contacts, and customers using this CRM system. If you are a miniature company owner searching for a free CRM system, this is the perfect option since you can record their time-to-purchase, follow up on the leads, check the current activity of the leads, and more. It is an online platform for managing client relationships that enables you to maximise the performance of your B2B sales team.

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8. Capsule


With the help of the business management software Capsule, you can easily plan, bill for, and schedule client meetings. Real-time invoicing, timekeeping, expense keeping, and other capabilities are included. Take contacts from Shopify into your Capsule account to ensure that you never miss a transaction. With a few mouse clicks, you can quickly produce invoices. With the help of its time tracker, you are able to manage your time.

With its task list, it allows you to do chores throughout the day. Receive instant notifications when payments are made on your invoices and unpaid accounts. Utilize this solution to easily retrieve all of your orders so that you never miss another one. Create regular invoices to eliminate the need for monthly customer payment collection. You may handle sales, marketing, operations, analytics, and finances all in one location with its assistance.

9. SalesSeek


This is another brandwide alternative. A CRM tool called SalesSeek assists businesses in managing their websites through SEO, email marketing, campaign development, marketing automation, and sales funnels. It serves as a comprehensive sales tool for sales representatives and sales managers. Using a single, integrated platform, it helps you sell more effectively by providing lead management, email templates, reporting, and pipelines. By connecting with well-known email clients and CRMs like Gmail, Salesforce, Slack, Pipeline Deals, Hubspot, and others, it streamlines sales operations.

Both common users and sales managers and executives will have access to its app. You can instantly determine which of your goods are the most popular ones and change your marketing strategies by viewing all of your online sales in one location. It can monitor Facebook and Twitter mentions and get information about your social media following. Overall, it’s among the greatest customer relationship management programmes.

10. Nutshell’s CRM

Nutshell's CRM

The sales force may sharpen their focus and spend more time building relationships with customers with the support of Nutshell’s sales automation and CRM services. It enables you to create and use a sales process that, in addition to saving you time, specifies the activities and follow-ups from the first chats to the last negotiations. You can examine and monitor your leads using pipeline management. It is the most adaptable CRM tool available for managing your pipeline. You may share offers with your team and decide how to work with them using Nutshell CRM.

It provides insights from the dashboard in Map View, List View, Board View, and Chart View. The simple-to-use and adaptable insights provide you a peek at your company’s performance and identify problem areas. You may shoot pictures to include information in your presentations. Customer knowledge is kept in a separate repository by Nutshell CRM. The team members of the organisation have access to contacts, phone notes, email discussions, and other crucial client information.

11. Suite CRM

Suite CRM

For small businesses to large companies, Suite CRM offers customer relationship management software solutions. The software is offered as a SaaS platform both on-premises and in the cloud. A central repository is made available by the 360-degree perspective, which enables you to interact with customers and get to know them better. The repository has all the client information, contacts, and vital facts you need to improve your business interactions. Customization of the open-source software is possible based on the requirements of your business. You may combine the programme with your current systems thanks to the REST API. This is another brandwide alternative.

Your ability to comprehend client demands, increase productivity, and automate crucial tasks is made possible by its flexible data model. The dashboard reports provide a quick look into visibility to help you decide what is best for your business. The technologies allow you to manage your operations, provide customised quotes, and collect crucial leads, ultimately freeing up time for sales.

12. Ricochet360


A leading provider of marketing automation, customer relationship management, and innovative autodialers is Ricochet360. It is designed for outgoing and inbound agents that want to get an edge by being able to get in touch with fresh leads, engage prospects, and automate the majority of the daily process. With the help of Ricochet360’s sophisticated real-time reporting, you can keep tabs on the activity of your whole sales force or call centre. For quick access to collections of leads, you may create pipelines.

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Create dialer campaigns with call routing for local and toll-free lines using predictive and progressive dialling modes. With Ricochet360, you can automate text messages, develop scripts to manage new recruits through the sales process, create email templates and campaigns, and listen in on calls. One of the quickest dialers now on the business market, it is.

13. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials

A firm called Salesforce Essentials focuses on customer relationship management and does away with spreadsheets for data analysis. The extensive capabilities provide you a 360-degree picture of your customer and business data and allow you to extract information from your email, spreadsheet, calendar, and support channels. A straightforward setup assistance that provides quick answers to all of your inquiries streamlines the procedure.

You can quickly follow up on leads, find important contacts, get sales information, and much more with the Salesforce Essentials. Spreadsheets no longer require additional time thanks to the programme. Meetings, phone logs, email monitoring, data collecting, and synchronisation can help you free up more selling time. Mobile apps easily offer all of these functions. Also check Erbix 

This is another brandwide alternative. To automate repetitive processes, assign work based on concurrent availability, and route each query to the appropriate agent, Salesforce Essentials gathers and organises client information and your support channels onto one page. Overall, Salesforce Essentials equips your business to provide individualised and interesting learning to partners, customers, and workers.

14. Sherpa CRM

Sherpa CRM

Sherpa CRM is a customer connection and sales enablement solution service that offers you deep client connection, analytical tools, progress monitoring, and hands-on training to expand your business. You have a thorough understanding of your prospect thanks to its prospect-centered selling, which promotes long-term client relationships and loyalty. Sherpa CRM is connected into your current system, focuses on creating natural connections, assembles your sales conclusions, and assists in monitoring goals, stages, and progress. Your company’s prospect-selling may be effective with the help of the tools that its sales training specialists and guides will educate you how to use.

A practical learning course may be implemented using the AI-powered Cloud-based software, which displays data insights and performance metrics to help make the data more relevant, fully comprehensible, and actionable. You may concentrate on genuine objectives and make choices for future planning thanks to data analytics. With the complete training programme, which goes beyond the fundamentals and shows how to unlock all of an employee’s potential, you can optimise your sales process.

15. Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud CRM is a robust customer relationship platform with many features that enables a variety of solutions, including integrated analytics, multichannel marketing, and data mining services, aiding world-class organisations in building stronger and more fruitful relationships between large nonprofits and their deserving clients. The primary benefit of this channel is that you may tailor your customer relationship management solution software to suit specific scenarios or create a special atmosphere for each of your clients. It organises and streamlines the many fundraising teams, establishes solicitation and stewardship tasks, and forges multidimensional relationships across the fields, offices, and programmes. This is another brandwide alternative.

Blackbaud CRM enables fundraisers to quickly access and update vital constituent information on the go, wherever they are. The ability to comprehend and manage your diverse communication efforts throughout your many campaigns is another intriguing feature of this station that enables you to accelerate your revenue in the right direction.


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