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Free Backlink Indexing Service In 2022

Best and demanding free Backlink Indexing Service will be described in this article.

Free Backlink Indexing Service In 2022

In this article, you can know about free backlink indexing services here are the details below;

4.1. BacklinksIndexer


After pressing “Submit,” this fully automatic system establishes connections with particular websites or IP addresses and then links their material with crawlable portions of favourite websites. You can submit up to 1,500 URLs each month with the Basic Plan. You must upgrade if you want more. One major advantage is that this programme pings every URL separately. Social signals, automated drip pinging, & RSS aggregators are additional functions. You’ll also value its connection to Web 2.0 and blogs with high domain authority, integration with better software used by top bloggers and marketers, and index rate of 97.40 percent. Without your input, the system processes a URL again if it doesn’t index the first time. The “free” plan, which really costs $0.01 and only lasts for seven days, is the only disadvantage. The next step is to choose one of the premium options. This is another Free Backlink Indexing Service.

4.2. Index Kings

Index Kings

Additionally, this programme offers a free link that points back to your website after acquiring your backlink. The fact that this SEO tool delivers the URLs to more than 15,000 websites is one of its main advantages over competing tools. That indicates that you will also get 15,000 one-way backlinks in addition to Google indexing your links. By simply ticking the “Complicated URLs” box on the main page, you can submit complex URLs to the Index Kings backlink indexing service. This free indexing tool also offers a ping option, and a link checker verifies that your URLs were successfully submitted. This technique creates an easy-to-read report rather than going through each of your URLs individually. You can concentrate on putting additional SEO tactics into place with the time you’ve saved. free backlink indexing services

4.3. One Hour Indexing

One Hour Indexing

This mass indexing tool is the ideal choice for backlinking and increased traffic volumes. Four different, reasonably priced programmes are available for you to choose from. The monthly cost of the Starter package is just $17. That allows you to send out 1,000 backlinks each day and, if necessary, get email help. Up to 10,000 backlinks every day, link-level reporting, one third-party and white-label API, and once more, first-rate email assistance are all included in the Basic plan, which costs $47 per month. The Pro plan comes in third. You can send 30,000 backlinks per day for $97 per month, and you get limitless access to third-party APIs. The Agency program, which has a monthly cost of $497, is at the top of the list. This subscription offers everything that the Pro plan does, plus the ability to transmit up to 200,000 links every day.

4.4. Ping Farm

Ping Farm

The Ping Farm, as its name suggests, is a service that notifies Google and other search engines that your website or blog has been updated. Ping Farm does the job despite having a simple look. You would just copy your URLs and paste them into the available text box to use it. You can use other related services offered by Ping Farm, such as Rapid Indexer, which sends your URLs to numerous websites to increase their value. You get one-way backlinks in return for the more than 15,000 sites targeted, though. There is also a Link Checker that does all the URL reviews you provide for you. The system then produces a report so you can verify success. This is another Free Backlink Indexing Service.

4.5. Instant Link Indexer

Instant Link Indexer

This service claims to have satisfied nearly 50,000 consumers in a little more than five years. The Instant Link Indexer’s ability to index all of the pages on your website is its main advantage. Additionally, it includes every kind of backlink, from Tier 1 to Tier 10. Another important aspect is that, in addition to handling private blog network links, this indexer also manages links from Wikis, forum profiles, articles, social bookmarks, and even Web 2.0s. You can use this service’s complete automation capability if you purchase a membership. You only need to enter your links; the tool will handle the rest. You can also add an infinite number of campaigns, each with an unlimited number of URLs. The ability to arrange links for 30 days in advance is another benefit of this indexing tool. You should definitely check out this service because it offers many extra advantages in addition to assured indexing up to 80%. This is another free backlink indexing services.

4.6. Linklicious


You can’t go wrong with Linklicious as a service that offers assured crawling and indexing. There is no need to download software that you would have to understand and keep up as an automatic tool. Instead, Google, Majestic, and all Ahrefs are excellent partners for this quick backlinking indexing method. Utilizing Linklicious has a lot of benefits, including ongoing testing. You now have access to a service that keeps up with new developments and methods. You can see clearly how successfully your backlinking efforts are performing via graphs and charts. With this programme, you can keep an eye on activity thanks to the “check-in” method. Additionally, it offers a “Prove Your Work” tool that enables you to inform Google and other search engines about the effectiveness of your backlinks. With Linklicious, you have three choices. The first is the free tool, which offers 2,500 links every day. However, that number rises to 12,500 with the Basic Plan and 50,000 with the Pro Plan. The more advanced features you get with a higher plan.

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4.7. SEO Tool Station

SEO Tool Station

Five links can be rapidly uploaded, the “Start” button clicked, an extension added, and the tool allowed to begin converting. This tool operates swiftly thanks to indexing carried out by Google and other search engines. You spend little time getting your links published as a result. The service provided by SEO Tool Station is also excellent for indexing. This fast indexer includes all types of backlinks for contributions, including articles, pdf files, Wikis, and Web 2.0 blogs. In actuality, the backlinks you submit take effect right away. An dead part tool, keyword competition analysis, Skype resolver, YouTube keyword ranker, plagiarism checker, post rewriter, and similar keywords finder are other capabilities of this backlinks indexing service. Almost every instrument you might possibly need to boost the success of your website is offered by this service. Remember that there are numerous subcategories for each of the main feature categories. This is another Free Backlink Indexing Service.

4.8. Elite Link Indexer

Elite Link Indexer

Actually, it has the greatest indexation rate on the market right now. The designers of this service have had the opportunity to develop over the course of their more than ten years of experience, growing as needed. They genuinely comprehend what it needs to obtain backlinks indexed as a result. Nearly 3 billion links have been handled by the Elite Link Indexer so far. That alone says a lot about the company’s skills and level of client satisfaction. This service is scalable and can index more than 5 million links in a single day. The main advantages of using this backlinking indexer include having access to first-rate customer service and quick link processing (97 percent handled in a few hours). The Tier 1 sites, Web 2.0, blogs, articles, bookmarks, and even money sites are all compatible with this application. It offers thorough reporting and is also Google-friendly.

5. Indexing Software

These programmes follow a completely different methodology. They improve the organic nature of link indexing. The idea behind it is to build a number of connections from other websites to backlinks that need to be indexed by doing so. Given that there are numerous other links pointing to the domain, this is a strong signal for Google to index the backlink. Web 2.0, social bookmarking, and URL shorteners are employed in this.

5.1. SEO Autopilot

SEO Autopilot

Be sure to check out SEO Autopilot if you’re looking for effective SEO software. For starters, this service has a sophisticated, automated engine that determines link and keyword variety for Google and other search engines’ algorithms. Additionally, this programme has a special “Scheduling Tasks” feature that precisely computes variables such postings per day, quick posting, advanced scheduler, and days to run. The best account protection is a further important feature. This is another free backlink indexing services.

This guarantees that your accounts remain operational for a long time and binds your account with particular proxies that stop search engines from blocking you while keeping your accounts in good standing. A superb link-matching feature is also available. This allows you to match precise terms to certain URLs, saving you a tonne of time. For the first seven days, you can utilise all the capabilities of this service for just $1. After that, you must pay $99 per month for the SEO Expert plan. If you decide to subscribe, it will be money well-spent because it is packed with features like authority links, Web 2.0 profiles, and a lot of planned features.

5.2. GSA SEO Indexer


GSA SEO Indexer

Backlinks are no longer a concern thanks to GSA Search Engine Ranker. This programme may work on its own and produce backlinks for you every day of the week! It does not require a website database, in contrast to other SEO tools. You can use the tool to automatically link new websites to your website as it finds new ones for you. Additionally, it will check the websites after posting to make sure the link was indeed placed. A report on all backlinks with attributes like text, the number of incoming and outbound links, and the type of backlink will eventually be available for you to read (dofollow or nofollow).

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The GSA Search Engine Ranker software suite has the following features: Backlink creation is entirely automatic. On the website, there is no set database. Every link is linked to your keywords. Backlink-enabled websites will always link to your website and keyword. Your term will always be paired with backlink anchor text. Link placement on websites must strictly adhere to the guidelines provided Pinging search engines automatically to inform them of website updates and the presence of backlinks Until you disable it, it never stops creating backlinks. The application is incredibly simple to use (only 3 fields to fill in and start) use SpinnerChief to produce unique content. Can utilise external and internal captcha breakers Services for Captcha supports submitting your site to more than 100 platforms. This is another free Backlink Indexing Service.

6. Indexing links Using google

This approach is less expensive and safer than mass-pinging backlinks and indexing software. You need a website that is accessible, is indexed in Google, and has been added to Google Search Console in order to accomplish this (to the admin panel and ftp) Additionally, there are 3 ways to index your backlinks here:

Option 1.

The most basic Make a page. Include links that should be indexed. Important! Use just naked urls. Send it for indexing and/or update the main page’s link to the newly generated page (to reduce the crawl depth) Don’t forget to add the meta-tile to the page you just generated, and ideally, add a few lines of text as well.

Option 2.

Most secure Make a page. Create links on it by means of an internal redirect to ensure link indexing and reduce the chance of the website from which we placed the links losing page rank. ( Submit the newly built page for indexing. Don’t forget to add the meta-tile and, ideally, a few lines of text to the newly generated page.

Option 3.

Quick and safe Link building with internal redirect Add these to sitemap.xml, though it is preferable to make a separate sitemap for these uses. Sitemap for indexing should be sent.

7. Backlins Indexation Cheking Services

The best range of commercial and free tools and services for backlink analysis and indexing can be found here. You might have purchased a link or a guest post, but dishonest webmasters altered the link attribute to nofollow or the page dropped out of the index as a result. You should frequently monitor your backlinks to avoid this.  This is another free Backlink Indexing Service.

7.1. MonitorBacklinks


In terms of usability, it can be referred to as the best backlink indexing service. 500 backlinks to each domain are allowed to be monitored during the free trial. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the backlinks of up to 2 rival domains. This is how the backlink report page appears: The backlink indexation status is displayed in the GI column. A tick indicates that the backlink has been indexed. A “D+P” value indicates that both the domain and the page are not indexed. Robots.txt may block Google from crawling, or perhaps Google hasn’t gotten around to it yet. PNI stands for “page not indexed.” The number of tracked backlinks is restricted in MonitorBacklinks’ premium subscriptions as well. Only 5,000 backlinks per domain may be analysed with a pro subscription, which costs $119.90 per month. Only websites with backlink profiles lower than this number are suitable. This is another free backlink indexing services.

7.2. Link Sphinx

Link Sphinx

This is a complimentary link indexing assistance that utilises lists of backlinks that have already been created by well-known backlink providers (there is a list of supported providers that includes companies like SemRush, Ahrefs, and others): Additionally, lists of backlinks from text or CSV files can be imported. The service verifies the donor page’s legitimacy and the existence of any backlinks on it. It also looks for the “nofollow” property, which stops links from being indexed. Additionally, you receive more details about the backlinks, such as: Anchor text The position of a backlink on the page the type of backlink (text/image). It also helps to limit the number of links from a certain subdomain and remove nofollow or unindexed backlinks. We’re dealing with restrictions once more because the application only works with the list of backlinks you give it from specific services or import lists.

7.3. SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass

Numerous operating systems, including Linux, OS X, and Windows, support this programme. The report includes the URL of the connected page, the anchor text, the presence of reciprocal links, the Alexa rank of the backlinking website, and other parameters. Links can be sorted by domain using a sorting tool. This programme is offered as part of the SEO Powersuite package, which also includes a standalone utility. You need to pay $99.75 once to use it, which is the only cost (no monthly fees). Additionally, SEO SpyGlass offers a free trial that allows you to test out all the capabilities for a free month. This is another free Backlink Indexing Service.

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7.4. Linkchecker


In 2016, the project was introduced. By using the service, you may locate any broken links, track where and when the link to your resource was posted, and get thorough information about transitions. Linkchecker allows you to: Locate broken or missing links and fix or replace them. Control the kinetics and quality of linkbuilding Estimate the performance of each link builder on your team and keep track of them wherever you are. This is another free backlink indexing services.

8. Is It Worth Your Money?

Returning to the beginnings of backlinks, it is important to note that SEO experts typically buy backlinks utilising specialised services. And in order to monetize your blog or website in the future, you already pay for backlinks. It is highly improbable that paying for paid licencing is justified given the inefficiency of any backlink checker (due to the limited backlink identification capabilities).

Additionally, it can be inconvenient to perform routine audits of all websites because it takes time to go through all of the reports and respond appropriately to each backlink that was improperly indexed. For a given charge, there are services that provide speedy backlink indexing. However, typically their behaviour can hurt your SEO profile because there are no legitimate ways to hasten Google’s indexation (according directly to Google representatives). By attaching to the following procedures, you can have an impact on this process. Buy backlinks only from reputable companies with a “white” reputation. Prevent using low-quality backlinks. Make sure the linked pages offer original, intriguing material. Avoid overstuffing your own website with links to outside resources (unless your users really need such links and find them useful) Make sure to buy backlinks from a variety of sites rather than just one website. This is another free Backlink Indexing Service.

Purchase as many backlinks as you can on pages with the highest possible nesting level (homepage, 1st or 2nd level pages). Apply to backlink companies that offer a free indexing service as a supplemental benefit to their clients if you want to assume complete control over the backlink profile of the website. You will be able to track all of your current backlinks in one spot, buy new ones, or remove the superfluous ones. For instance, the LinksManagement service offers very informative backlinks and has such features (as well as a VIP programme for those who wish to receive the full range of services). control board: Every backlink that LinksManagement sells is monitored, assuring the consumer of the best quality of the resources offered and providing him with plenty of food for thought. It is more than just a backlink exchange; it is also a potent backlink management tool that allows you to conveniently view the statistics for each link you own. Here, you can also learn everything there is to know about SEO. Simply download our SEO reports to master link building. It is unnecessary to buy additional backlink checkers and managers when utilising such a service, and by using our service, you can profit from our referral programme.

The only thing a customer pays for in LinksManagement are the backlinks. Even if you only buy one backlink, you still have access to many other features including a free backlink monitoring service. This eliminates the need to indexing backlinks, evaluate their weight and legitimacy, or pay for backlinks that don’t exist. Additionally, LinksManagement provides an SEO Expert Program that will make your life easier. You can use the tool to automatically choose and purchase links for you. The programme chooses links based on important SEO guidelines so that your link profile appears natural. LinksManagement, incidentally, also ensures the return for a backlink in the event that the donor webpage is taken out of the Google index.

Since the backlinks were manually added, there is little risk that Google’s indexing robots will overlook them. Using our SEO Cost Calculator, you can determine how many backlinks you need to obtain in order to rank well on Google. Working with reputable backlink suppliers will relieve you of the ongoing need to manage the functionality and indexation of the backlinks. For SEO experts that manage dozens or hundreds of websites, it certainly makes their lives easier. Isn’t what you need—a 100% genuine and indexed backlink profile—a guarantee of improved Google rankings?


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