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Top 15 Best AppsFlyer Alternatives in 2022

Best appsflyer alternatives will be described in this article. AppsFlyer is a complete software development kit that gives you access to all the contemporary tools that will undoubtedly pave the way to true marketing success. No marketing teach stack is advantageous without AppsFlyer when it comes to providing the necessary attribution for the products, so you will experience the journey at every touchpoint. With the aid of the AppLink connection technology, this platform utility is improving user engagement.

With AppsFlyer, several things are anticipated, including audience segmentation, deep linkage, data streams, fraud protection, cost aggregation, and marketing analytics. The platform lets your decisions about audience management, fraud protection, marketing analytics, and attribution stew in its reputation. Anomaly detection, robust boot protection, cohort and retention, cost reporting, revenue attribution, precise targeting, incremental testing, one click-connection integration, and more features are some of AppsFlyer’s offerings.

Top 15 Best AppsFlyer Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best AppsFlyer Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Apptentive


With the help of Apptentive, a comprehensive mobile consumer feedback solution, you may use feedback that can actually be used to improve decisions. With a strong VOC solution, you can gather priceless feedback and act quickly to win back customers and engage fans at a large scale. With a stronger data collecting procedure across your mobile platforms, you can track client opinions and assess changes in sentiment more accurately.

Take action based on customer sentiment to increase retention and make customer-focused product decisions. The single software solution has many capabilities to provide, including online access, on-site management, Kiosk support, Point of Sale, enrichment, integrations, remarketing, API integrations, exporting choices, executive insights, application health, fan signal, and much more. Additionally, Apptentive improves the situation with its solution, which offers quick time to value, consumer data enrichment, and precise targeting and measurement.

2. is a smart analytics platform that offers assistance with the creation of rich digital experiences for a variety of conversions as well as support for product and marketing. You possess all consumer information. You can use automated technologies to turn that data into action, which means you can make better decisions and increase performance. This is another appsflyer alternative.

Whether you will receive feedback on the different types of devices, button clicks, the sales funnel, users by segment, and form submission with Heap, and whether you can perform them easily. The platform is providing you with trustworthy support and the entire dataset, allowing you to interact with the product without writing any code or deciding what to track. Through legitimate measures, you can enhance the customer experience with activation, acquisition, retention, revenue, and referral. Heap is also very useful for suppliers who need to keep track of writing, combining online and mobile visits into a single user identity, and offering strong connectors to input data from tools.

3. Nicereply


With the help of the clever and user-friendly Nicereply customer feedback platform, you can develop and distribute an engaging one-click survey to gauge client satisfaction. The software provides a dependable technique of continuously working to increase customer satisfaction, enabling teams to achieve outcomes in line with customer satisfaction. You can assess how much work your customers put into working with you thanks to the customer effort score function. For this, you may use CES to identify any problems and eliminate any frictions.

With Nicereply, you can get all of the customer insights, including their satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and more. With themes, unique colour and logo, and more, Nicereply offers total customization that is tailored to your surveys without the need for technical knowledge. The software offers you a wide range of capabilities, including dashboards, leader boards, rating fees, reports histograms, trend charts, mobile-ready surveys, NPS campaigns, colour themes, branding, custom survey domains, and more.

4. Alchemer EFM

Alchemer EFM

With the help of the intelligent corporate feedback management system Alchemer EFM, users may take action in the same way they do every day. You will definitely notice tangible benefits because this system offers precise client feedback that enables teams to address problems and give a rich user experience. The process is continuously expedited by the software, giving you a more practical way to design and implement the system you require.

You may customise and improve the way your surveys are built with Alchemer EFM, as well as optimise survey dissemination to get the best response rates. The integrated feedback might also be used to incorporate Alchemer EFM into the existing human-powered system. You also have a variety of reports, including custom insight reports, tableau dashboard workbooks, automated individual and dashboard layouts, standard configuration reports, customer reports, and dashboards.

5. User Testing

User Testing

This is another appsflyer alternative. Digital marketing has several options to test the website and marketing campaigns thanks to UserTesting, a top user research company. Several strong tools, each with a different effect, are used to construct the software. The information gathered through this approach is utilised to create marketing concepts that improve both short- and long-term marketing tactics.

The platform’s ultimate purpose is to improve the usability of your website, mobile applications, and prototypes. Additionally, it enables you to test out options and observe how real people react. The videos can also be used to keep an eye on what your users are doing.

6. Pendo


Pendo is a platform that gives companies the tools they need to satisfy customers’ constantly shifting needs. Instead of interacting with clients through the email, the platform enables enterprises to do so through the product. By gaining insight into what customers are thinking through surveys and feedback, organisations are able to maximise client retention.

By giving employees the instruments and knowledge they need to understand how customers interact with their websites and goods, the solution also benefits enterprises. Additionally, it separates each trend based on how usable it is after visualising all trends.

7. Podium


Podium is a well-known piece of software that offers solutions for managing interactions for local businesses. With the help of the software, your company will be better able to communicate with customers through messages, reviews, feedback, Webchat, and much more. The software gives you the ability to convert online visitors into offline customers and offers a practical approach to stay in touch over time. The platform, whether it is communicating with customers and leads, gathering reviews, and collaborating in context with your team, produces offline revenue with online capabilities for enterprise and franchise business anywhere. This is another appsflyer alternative.

The ideal method to ensure consistent company productivity and transform your customers into top promoters is to use Podium pro, which efficiently schedules your appointments and responds to your inquiries. The software provides small businesses with messaging tools to improve customer engagement and generate more reviews while also surfacing a highly collaborative platform that facilitates more efficient task completion. Podium is providing a multi-product platform that enables neighbourhood businesses to develop and complete tasks more quickly.

8. SurveyMonkey


Ryan Finley founded the online survey tool known as SurveyMonkey in 1999. It offers free customised surveys as well as a range of premium back-end solutions for data analysis, bias reduction, sample selection, and data representation.

Additionally, it provides large-scale corporate choices for businesses interested in brand management, data analysis, and targeted customer marketing. Understanding employee engagement is one of the finest and simplest strategies to enable you to develop a high-performance culture.

9. Smartlook


Using heatmaps and screen recording analytics, Smartlook is a comprehensive solution that assists business owners in tracking user activity and pinpointing issues with their websites. It is a sophisticated user recording software that enables users to observe client behaviour by filming each user as they access a website or product and move their mouse around, browse, and click. Businesses can use this information to identify UX problems with their website and send the video to the appropriate team for resolution.

This is another appsflyer alternative. By capturing all users and events to track and evaluate any user’s behaviour in the past, the software’s ultimate goal is to assist businesses in really understanding the behaviour of their customers. The software enables businesses to follow and observe which features are used in the product, how frequently and which upsells are successful, among other things, by fusing video recording with even tracking. Users have the option to employ video recording to confirm customer concerns or bugs. To expedite the discovery of user pain and issue fixes, the product team and testers may send immediate information into what went wrong. All the essential tools and services are included in Smartlook, making it a complete solution.

10. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing

With the aid of the cutting-edge platform HubSpot Marketing, your team can boost traffic and conversation while bringing all of your marketing initiatives together. It provides a straightforward drag-and-drop capability so you may create and modify a beautiful website without consulting your IT personnel.

With the aid of this platform, you are able to quickly develop engaging, highly customised landing pages for your businesses and disseminate both static and dynamic HTML messages that might elicit the desired response. The platform will assist you in designing workflows as needed, preparing and formatting content for publication, and integrating data from other systems to make sure all of your data are taken into account.

11. Getfeedback


Getfeedback is a piece of software that supports any business that wants to expand continuously and understands the value of customer feedback. Millions of people use these straightforward and user-friendly solutions every day to gather accurate information about their products from customers. Many organisations were able to interact with their clients, business associates, employees, and all users thanks to the software in order to get input from them on various occasions. This is another appsflyer alternative.

Getfeedback’s user-friendly interface enables users to express themselves in a variety of ways, including quickly and in writing. It is a device that permits you to give more than your audience desires, not a platform that makes their audience better. It is quite adaptable to any platform created to disseminate the surveys.

12. Hotjar


Some of the top names in business you will hear today find Hotjar to be the perfect tool. The tool is equipped with all fundamental and cutting-edge technology to provide a total solution on a single platform. With its most recent features, you may see how their website visitors interact with your websites.

With the use of Hotjar analytic tools, business owners may accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of their website. With the help of these contemporary tools, users may observe the actions that visitors take, such as where they connect and how much time they spend there.

13. Webtrends


More than clients worldwide use Webtrends, an all-in-one marketing solution. No matter where it may occur, the platform’s goal is to empower and elevate the consumer experience. For your web portal, mobile applications, and marketing emails, the solution offers some fantastic marketing and personalisation capabilities.

This is another appsflyer alternative. Driven by consumer behaviour and data tracking, it changes the way you connect with customers and provides you more power to segment your audience and deliver the content they want. This marketing solution includes all of the essential conversation rate optimization techniques, such as Multivariate and A/B testing, which may help you determine the viability of a given platform.

14. Sleeknote


Using a tool to build beautifully made lead capture forms that they can quickly embed on their site, Sleeknote’s Conversation Rate Optimization software helps organisations increase their lead generation and conversation capability.

It includes a quick drag-and-drop mobile editor as well as additional functionality and features like intelligent targeting and smart goat tracking to guarantee the highest lead conversation rate. Sleeknote makes it such that users don’t need to be specialists in programming to use it.

15. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer

The Conversation Rate Optimization software Visual Website Optimizer is simple to use, has a tonne of A/B testing capabilities, and doesn’t require any coding or HTML knowledge. It is a little different from all the other comparable conversation rate optimization solutions and provides a few fresh tools and services to create a total solution on a single platform. This is another appsflyer alternative.

By allowing clients to select from a variety of testing campaigns and modify and add test criteria for more specific findings, the software gives organisations the flexibility to build and apply their own brand of A/B testing.


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