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Top 15 Best AdClerks Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding AdClerk alternatives will be described in this article. A self-serve advertising platform called AdClerks allows users to purchase advertising for more than 100 nations. You can order a single advertisement or purchase pre-collected advertisement packages. Utilizing this service has many advantages, including quality, speed, and privacy. It delivers the most exclusive deals on modern Internet advertising marketplaces while delivering great market outcomes. The platform uses the latest cutting-edge technologies and can produce amazing results for your organisation.

AdClerks is the finest option for buying and selling internet advertisements, regardless matter whether you are a local business with a little marketing budget or an agency with a vast network of advertisers searching for excellent bargains on inventory. Whether you are in the locations of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Miami, its staff of advertising professionals has developed relationships with hundreds of advertisers that they can draw upon whenever you need inventory. Overall, AdClerks is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

Top 15 Best AdClerks Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best AdClerks Alternatives are explained here.

1. Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky

One of the most seasoned advertising networks is Traffic Junky, a web advertising platform. This is the option for you if you’re seeking for creative, engaging marketing to promote website traffic. Advertisers who use our scalable web-based ad serving software can be confident that their adverts will always be seen by the right people. Through our own database of more than 100 million unique visitors each day, the platform provides exclusive creatives with unmatched targeting possibilities, making us one of the biggest networks in the sector. This is another adclerks alternative. Also check PhotoMix alternatives

Increase the volume of sales and good leads coming to your company. Get a wide audience reach with a high amount of daily ad impressions served across our network. Pay for only the impressions you actually need. Additionally, you can use its tracking and analytical capabilities on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device to instantly gauge your growth. Overall, Traffic Junky is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

2. A-Ads


A-Ads is an advertising network with experience in a blockchain-based system that links buyers and sellers of ads. Instead of using demographic information like age or location, the platform leverages the interests of the users to determine which advertisements they see. In order to resolve which ads are appropriate for you individually, the algorithm examines your social media posts and other personal information about you. When you agree to view that advertisement or others that are pertinent to your interests, the second step is complete.

The technology will then deliver such advertisements to your web browser or social media feed after that. Everyone in a blockchain-based system is aware of how their data is being utilised, which is a plus. Customers can easily report an advertisement they don’t like to have it removed from their browsers or social media feeds. Overall, A-Ads is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

3. Vertoz


Vertoz is an ad-tech startup that supports businesses in making quick, informed transitions into the online marketplace. It provides a range of advertising, marketing, and technological services that are intended to boost the success of your company. Because all of its advertising partners’ demands are met under one roof thanks to the service bundles, things are more effective for everyone.

Vertoz collaborates with companies of all sizes who want to adopt the new digital media landscape. To ensure that our solutions are completely understood, our team of specialists forges relationships with clients. Overall, Vertoz is a fantastic instrument that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

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4. Sekindo


This is another adclerks alternative. Sekindo, currently known as Primis, is a video discovery tool that boosts publishers’ income by assisting consumers in finding excellent video content. It is provided as a white-label option, allowing the hosting firm to maintain its own brand and have complete control over the site’s organisation, style, and user interface. Primis’ technology provides monetization advantages, but it also has a wide range of agreements with premium content providers that have been carefully chosen from native markets.

Early adopters of our technology and top industry experts provided valuable feedback and input that went into the tool’s development from the very beginning. When using the Primis platform, publishers can earn money from premium CPMs and ad sales while maintaining complete control over the look and feel of their websites. The platform offers high-quality video content from an increasing number of partners, such as Facebook, YouTube, and others. Overall, Primis is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.

5. PlugRush


For advertisers and publishers, PlugRush is a self-serve traffic network that eliminates the need for any kind of approval or waiting period. With the benefit of this agenda, you may begin luring advertisers with just one click, skipping the tiresome waiting period for approval. This system is run by real individuals who are excellent at what they do; it is not an automated one with bots doing all the work.

With PlugRush, it’s simple to start running internet ads without taking any risks or needing any prior experience. Simply plug in your advertising, select your audience, and channel preferences, then sit back and watch as thousands of ad impressions are sent to your preferred locations. For complete control over your internet advertisements, PlugRush provides a wide range of advertising solutions.

To choose who will see your ads, use the targeting audience selector, demographic selector, or category selector. You’ll start seeing results right away thanks to its fast advertisement delivery technique. Additionally, there is an advertising history tool that enables you to keep track of all served impressions so that you can modify or remove advertisements as necessary. Overall, PlugRush is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes. Also check Doxel alternatives

6. Swoop


Swoop is a platform that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to find targeted, privacy-safe audiences of ideal patients and trigger cross-channel education about your specialised medicines. This is the forum for you if you have any interest in creating patient-centered marketing strategies. It includes targeted messaging, modelling of consumer insights data, on-demand or planned lead generation activities, and all the bells and whistles of a successful campaign. This is another adclerks alternative.

Additionally, it offers HIPAA-compliant data, which is more secure. You can select channels from Programmatic, Social Media, Website Personalization, Addressable TV, Linear TV, and On-Demand Audio deployment with its cross-channel activation. Overall, Swoop is a fantastic tool that you might look into as one of your options.

7. PropellerAds


For web publishers and online marketers, PropellerAds is an advertising platform that offers complete and leading-edge ad-serving and optimization capabilities. It works constantly with clients to build a productive ecosystem that gives advertising an unrivalled ROI and offers the best of both worlds. You get effective programmatic advertising possibilities, in-depth data analysis that supports strategic choice-making, and privacy-focused services for publishing partners.

By giving you full control again, it ensures that you receive effective sales as well as precise targeting. Reduce manual tasks to increase productivity, and improve your advertising campaigns automatically. The AI algorithm adjusts the settings to make sure you receive the desired amount of conversions. Overall, PropellerAds is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

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8. 7Search


One of the most well-liked PPC advertising services is provided by 7Search, an internet advertising platform. You can think of this as an alternative to Google AdSense that provides high-quality direct traffic and enables you to broaden the reach and ROI of your clientele. By meeting extremely simple requirements, the platform also enables publishers to monetise their websites. Advanced targeting, no blocked impressions, real-time data, real-time optimization, self-service for advertisers, customised solutions, ad network rotation, and many other features are some of the standout ones.

This is applicable to practically every sector, including hospitality management, tourism, social networking, media, manufacturing, technology, eCommerce, and other businesses. Overall, 7Search is a fantastic tool that you may use as one of its substitutes.

9. BuySellAds


An advertising and publishing platform for automotive content, BuySellAds. It was created by the most successful publishers in the world and is the ideal tool for publishers. By providing the highest performance, its automation technologies will enable consumers to receive the true output of their material. It is a means of increasing sales and obtaining more. It is also a tool for marketers because it allows them to find the ideal media selling material at one location where hundreds of thousands of publishers are already present.

It serves as a forum for communication with the vast majority of independent publishers worldwide. It works with both standard and customised advertisements. The greatest reporting & management system, a real-time performance tracking system, and target-specific websites are just a few of the key benefits of using BuySellAds. But obtaining a genuine return on investment is the major goal of all of these advertisements.

10. Content.Ad


Ads are a means of turning content into money. It delivers eye-catching adverts and premium sponsored content to increase online traffic and visitor engagement. As a result, our platform serves as a traffic and revenue generator while supporting all devices.

This is another adclerks alternative. This instrument comes with a variety of advantages, such as the ability to comprehend online content marketing, the greatest technology-featured services, prompt customer care, and the best outcome in terms of conversion rate and revenue. Publishers and advertisers can both run ads on this platform. Whether you are a enterprise owner or an advertiser, all you need to do is visit the website, choose the appropriate field, and fill it out completely.

11. Zenmata


Zemanta is a content marketing platform that uses its Content Ad DSP system to grow audience size and increase engagement. The best feature of this tool is how it uses several content ad forms depending on the circumstance to produce the best content marketing. This tool’s approach to advertising is evolving along with digital marketing. It enables users to advertise their content in a special way.

The Zemanta publishers will get advertisements in the form of sponsored content, in-stream advertisements, promoted suggestions, and in-text advertisements. The technologies that increase return on investment are integrated. Its audience targeting technique assures that the campaign is on the proper track by bringing you just people who are interested in you. It also manages the campaign to enhance performance in addition to offering ad solutions. It makes sure that the content marketing of its users is in line with predetermined goals by testing creative and adjusting bids. Also check skypatrol alternatives

12. Amazon.com Associates

Amazon.com Associates

The native advertising and affiliate network of Amazon is called Amazon.com Associates. It is integrated with all of the marketing tools that enable its users to reach the appropriate audience with their content. Users who wanted to earn more money might do so by earning up to 10% of advertising costs. The best part is that there are a tonne of categories in which ads are available, making it simple for users to choose ones that best suit their content. The website will eventually become profitable thanks to this system. This is another adclerks alternative.

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Product links, banner ads, pictures, and text ads are all available in the Amazon.com Associates ad system. To handle this, you don’t need to be a master or developer. Simply copy the URL and put it where you want it—to the appropriate goods, banners, categories, etc. The advertiser benefits from it as well because they can easily earn up to 10% of the advertising revenue. Its thorough conversion rate algorithm makes sure users earn the most money possible.

13. Chitika


Publishers and marketers can use Chitika as an online advertising solution. You can actually make money from traffic if you have a lot of it. However, if you are experiencing a lack of traffic, don’t panic; it has a solution. Publishers who sign up for this platform will receive seamless advertising that match the content of their websites. There won’t be any difficulty or concern for the publishers because the advertising provided by this platform and their placement are completely non-disruptive.

Publishers will have access to a free account on this site to choose the ad. A low payment threshold system, advertisements from top-tier advertisers, the availability of clever tools and an RTB platform are all systems that will simultaneously enhance traffic and money. Currently, only Americans can use this service. Offering cutting-edge marketing solutions, affordable ads, and a local targeting system, however, is still where it excels.

14. Adversal


This is another adclerks alternative. Adversal is a platform for an ad network that offers a variety of targeting choices and ad styles. The main goal of all of these is to support willing users in their efforts to enhance traffic, interaction, reach their target audience, and brand awareness. The native ad marketplace covers COC, revenue, RTB, yield, CPM, CTR, profit, and other topics. Publishers and advertising can both use it. The advertisers are first. For advertisers, there is a thorough system for various banner sizes, a user-friendly interface, simple installation, and pop-under ads.

Adversal for Advertisers includes all of the capabilities needed to help users enhance interaction, drive traffic, deliver content to the right customers, and much more. You will be given access to a thorough system for establishing goals, viewing statistics, and much more. Then there is Adversal, which allows publishers to control the advertisement by reaching the intended audience.

15. Taboola


Taboola is a content marketing solution used to promote websites, keep users interested, and make money from advertising. Taboola is the ideal resource for turning a hobby into a legitimate source of money because it will assist you at every stage of increasing traffic to your website and user engagement. Taboola offers the best adverts that boost customers’ income levels because it works with the top publishers in the globe. This is another adclerks alternative.

It suggests the editorial and sponsored content of the busiest websites on the planet. By monetizing their material and driving up engagement at the same time, it helps publishers increase their level of income. Taboola is a tool for giving your websites, businesses, goods, and content a fresh look.

Taboola is one of the top content marketing services, offering everything from publishing to advertising. Join Taboola to acquire a web widget for your site that will link to further articles and information that is similar, increasing your income potential.


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