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Top 15 Best 4Shared Shot Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding 4shared shot alternatives will be described in this article. With the help of the screen capture programme 4Shared Shot, you may take several screenshots of your desktop screen, as well as photos of both the entire screen and specific areas within it.

It is a compact tool that operates without difficulty in limited memory or storage. Since it gives you URL links, you may edit the names of the photographs and share them with your friends. Its operation is really straightforward, and by simply clicking its icon, you may quickly take a picture of a certain area of a screen.

You may quickly put together several screenshots to create a video using this feature.

You can also use the high-quality screenshot it provides for your official works.

The ability to effortlessly alter photos and take screenshots of videos is this tool’s best additional feature.

Because of its straightforward features, 4Shared Shot is a wonderful application for quickly taking screenshots of screens.

Top 15 Best 4Shared Shot Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best 4Shared Shot Alternatives are explained here.Top 15 Best 4Shared Shot Alternatives In 2022

1. Snappy


It’s simple to take pictures from your desktop whenever you want with the help of the Snappy screenshot tool.

It is a simple utility that doesn’t interfere with other things you are doing on your computer. Also check WiziWig Alternatives

You can take a picture of the entire screen or just a portion of it, then add your presentations, reports, assignments, etc. to it.

The pictures you’re capturing are safely stored on your computer, where you can access them at any time.

Every single snap comes with a URL address so you can easily share it with your friends and family.

This tool is excellent for video capture and allows you to flip between windows.

You only need to click on its icon and drag its frame to the desired location to use it.

This is another 4shared shot alternative. Additionally, it’s simple to update the snap and change the name.

As a result, the Snappy screenshot tool is a simple and enjoyable tool that allows for an endless number of snaps.

2. Hidden Capture

Hidden Capture

Simple web-based software called Hidden Capture is used to keep an eye on what happens to your computer while you’re not there.

It is a small-footprint piece of software that can run on Windows.

This software makes an appropriate file from the numerous screenshots or photos it takes of your screen.

You can quickly and simply view the entire file and all of the activity.

The best aspect of this programme is that it operates on your PC in stealth mode so that nobody else is aware of its presence or that it is even there.

It gives you the possibility of developing a master password, which you can use to secure the system’s operations.

Additionally, it prevents people from downloading, deleting, or installing any other programmes or software without your consent.

You may use this software to take screenshots of your screens, and both its installation and use are very straightforward.

Hidden Capture is the best option if you want complete and straightforward software to record your screen activities.

3. Screen Shot Tool PRO

Screen Shot Tool PRO

Microsoft’s web-based Screen Shot Tool PRO enables you to snap an infinite number of screenshots of your desktop screen and quickly share them with others.

It is a complete tool that offers you editing possibilities for photographs that have been captured.

You can obtain high-quality photographs for use in presentations, projects, and other official work.

It enables you to snap screenshots of the entire screen as well as only the area of the screen where you wish to make notes.

You may snap a shot with just one click and it makes switching between windows simple.

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It is a small, useful programme that gives you the option to store all of your photos in the cloud, where you can access them from anywhere.

This tool’s user interface is really straightforward, and you can even modify the names of your photographs. This is another 4shared shot alternative.

Therefore, thanks to its straightforward yet useful features, Screen Shot Tool PRO is the ideal choice for Windows users.

4. Screenshot


Zpired’s Screenshoter is a small, simple-to-use utility for taking screenshots of your desktop screen and saving them to your computer.

You are able to name-change an infinite number of screen shots that you take.

Even better, you may modify the pictures and send them to your pals.

With this programme, you may quickly resize images that you capture of a moving screen or video.

It easily saves all of your system’s photographs with the correct time, name, size, etc.

It is multilingual and smoothly converts your findings’ formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, and many others.

Additionally, it works, the installation process is simple, and you may take a picture by simply clicking the button.

Screenshoter is the best tool for the job if you’re searching for something straightforward but quick to take screenshots of your computer screen.

5. Easy Screen Capture and Annotation

Easy Screen Capture and Annotation

You can take a picture of your desktop using the Easy Screen Capture and Annotation tool provided by MindGems. Also check Cheat Evolution alternatives

You can choose from several different capture choices, including full screen, active window, borderless, scrolling window, colour, and many more.

To grab a specific colour from your current screen, use its colour option.

You can use it to quickly take a picture by selecting a rectangle-shaped area of the screen.

The results can be easily edited and remarks added.

You can upload pictures and take pictures in a variety of shapes, including polygons, circles, and more.

Additionally, it supports nearly all popular image formats, and you can even choose a format to download or save the pictures in.

The ability to add external photos or effects to a captured result and improve the quality of the final product is this tool’s strongest feature.

As a result, Easy Screen Capture and Annotation is the best choice because it gives you all the features you need to take and edit pictures.

6. IcyScreen


IcyScreen is a small, user-friendly utility provided by 16 software that can be used to capture an entire screen or a specific area of a screen.

It has an endless capacity for photo taking and can efficiently save your finished products in the system with the correct name, time, date, and other pertinent information.

Even the name can be modified, and friends can see the pictures.

You may use it to capture any form of a screen, and you can even tweak the output to improve quality.

This is another 4shared shot alternative. The finest aspect of this app is that it gives you the option of cloud storage, making it simple for you to retrieve your images whenever you want.

Additionally, you may quickly resize the images produced by this software when you take a screenshot from a video.

You can use the pictures in your work or use them to make a demonstration movie.

IcyScreen is a wonderful option in its category because of its straightforward but useful features.

7. Onde Screen Capture

Onde Screen Capture

Onde Screen Capture is a Mac-specific programme provided by Ondesoft that offers you fun and convenient options to capture a picture of your screen.

With the help of this software, you can both fully and partially capture a screen.

You can take a picture based on your chosen colours and then seamlessly include other photos in it.

You may even change the size for easy delivery. It enables you to distribute the outcomes immediately from this software.

It comes with a built-in editor that you can use to make quick edits to your photographs.

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Additionally, you may use the snap to make a sales presentation, demo projects, etc.

You can capture as multiple pictures as you wish, and installation is simple.

The fact that this application retains the results with accurate labelling and identification so that you can quickly find them is its best feature.

Onde Screen Capture is ideal software since it addresses every area of screen capturing and editing.

8. Ilium Software Screenshot

Ilium Software Screenshot

Ilium Software Screen Capture is a web-based software programme that allows for the easy and efficient editing of an unlimited amount of screen photos.

You may also take a picture of videos and a moving screen with this simple software.

The pictures are simple to post to your buddies and other social media accounts, and you can even include outside images in your outcomes.

The user interface is really straightforward, and all the settings are readily available.

It enables you to take pictures in any shape and change the size of your results.

Additionally, you have the option to alter the name of the snaps, and they are saved immediately in your system with data and time.

You can add the pictures to your official work and change the presentation of your results.

Because of its many functions, Ilium Software Screen Capture is the ideal programme.

9. PrintKey-Pro


With WareCentral’s web-based PrintKey-Pro screen capture application, you may take a picture of your entire screen or only the area you’ve picked with the mouse.

It instals quickly and operates without a hitch on devices with little memory.

With this programme, you are able to shoot an unlimited number of pictures, and it immediately saves them all to your computer.

You can only snap pictures by pressing the print screen key on your keyboard, and it only works with Windows operating systems.

You may effortlessly distribute the pictures to your pals and take pictures without halting the films.

Additionally, you may rename your photographs and arrange them in the photo library according to time and date.

Due to their high quality, you may quickly take a print and capture pictures in a variety of shapes. This is another 4shared shot alternative.

As a result, PrintKey-Pro is software that is simple to use and compatible with a variety of photo formats.

10. SPX Instant Screen Capture

SPX Instant Screen Capture

A fun and simple web-based software programme called SPX Instant Screen Capture lets you use the mouse to choose a specific part of the screen before taking a picture of it.

With the aid of the mouse scroll, you can zoom the screen, and it displays the findings without distorting the image.

Your collected photographs can be sorted by time and date, and you can even alter their names.

The ability to annotate images with numbers, marks, forms, sequences, etc. is this software’s finest feature. Also check sports steaming websites

You can get the ability to copy to the clipboard and add text in any font to your snapped images.

Additionally, you can send the photos straight for printing or attach them to an email.

Your results can be shared on a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

As a result, SPX Instant Screen Capture is comprehensive software that gives you a variety of management options for your pictures.

11. 7capture


An easy-to-use web application called 7capture may take an unlimited number of screenshots of the screen and save the results automatically to your computer.

This is another 4shared shot alternative. Windows XP, Vista, and other Windows operating systems are all compatible with this software.

Any shape can be used to take a picture, and you can even print your pictures right away if you want a high-quality image.

Its user interface is really straightforward, and you can readily access all the features.

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You can share the photos directly to other social networking platforms with this programme.

You can even add an external element to your photos, and it saves the images in any format.

The outcomes of this software are very astounding, and you may use them in both professional and academic assignments.

Additionally, it enables you to capture still images of videos by pressing the print screen key on your keyboard.

7capture is a great choice if you’re seeking for small, straightforward software to take quick photos.

12. TNT Screen Capture

TNT Screen Capture

TNT Screen Capture is a lighthearted and entertaining web application that is used to take quick screenshots, which are superior to an original screen.

By pressing the print screen key on the keyboard, you can take a screenshot with this application, which is compatible with practically all operating systems.

You must use the mouse to choose the specific area of your screen that you wish to capture in a screenshot.

By scrolling the mouse, you may even zoom in on the chosen area, and the findings are displayed clearly.

It provides you with a number of options for handling screenshots or snapshots, including printing, emailing, sharing online, downloading, and many more.

Additionally, you can take an endless number of pictures and take shots in different shapes.

It enables you to move windows without a hitch and lets you capture pictures of videos.

TNT Screen Capture is a strong selection in its category because it offers all the essential functions for screen capture. This is another 4shared shot alternative.

13. Free Shooter

Free Shooter

Free Shooter is a user-friendly, entry-level web application that enables you to take as many screenshots or images of your desktop as you like.

You can capture pictures with your mouse or by pressing the print screen key on your keyboard.

By using the provided URL link, you can easily share snaps with your friends after renaming them.

It is a portable utility that works with a variety of operating systems.

This utility quickly saves the photos you’ve taken to your desktop along with the correct name, date, and/or other pertinent information.

It provides high-quality images that you can use for both professional and academic activities.

Additionally, you can email or immediately print the pictures.

You can add text, marks, colours, and other things to the pictures you take and annotate them.

Given that it can deliver photographs in a variety of formats, Free Shooter is a respectable choice in this area.

14. MWSnap


This is another 4shared shot alternative. In essence, MWSnap is a free Windows snipping application used to capture any area of the screen that is now visible on the top of all open programmes and windows.

However, it also handles five other tasks related to graphing, formats, colour selection, editing, and other things in addition to the snapping function.

Numerous visual tools, such as the colour picker, windows spy, zoom, and ruler, are included in this tool.

With the help of this programme, users can take a picture of any area of their desktop and save it in any common image format.

Therefore, this is the ideal tool for your office requirements.

15. Greenshot


For Windows operating systems, Greenshot is a free and open-source screen recording and screenshot utility that offers users rapid screenshots and annotations. This is another 4shared shot alternative.

This tool is used to take pictures of the display and to carry out various editing tasks as well.

Users have the option to change the image and share it after highlighting a certain area of the image.

The primary standout functions of Greenshot are the speedy capture of screenshots of the windows’ selected area, simple basic editing of the captured image, export of the image in various formats, direct printing, and sharing with others.


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